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Lost and found


Hey there (sorry this is in English, I can translate to German if necessary),

CFD was great! Sadly though, I seem to have forgot my umbrella there. Sounds mundane but it's a special one that was a gift so I'd really love to have it back. It's a foldable one in a dark red sleeve. If anyone found it, I'd be very grateful to get it back somehow! (not in a big hurry, so I could pick it up at EF or so if shipping is costly)


Also want to report some lost stuff

One big silver metallic fursuit fan, brand "Bestron" and a rollup extension cord.
Also a black Jack & Jones jacket.

All things of Lost and Found, you can ask Ray (in german please) >>> Ray_Furry"at"yahoo"dot"de
Lost and Found Things was going to Magdeburg and it will be posible to become it back on Eurofurence.

- Metallic Fursuit Fan (Breston) ---> Yes, we found it ---> Ask Ray
- Rollup extension cord ---> Yes, we found it ---> Ask Ray

- Black Jack & Jones Jacket ---> Maybe, I think yes ---> Ask Ray
- Umbrella ---> Maybe, I think yes ---> Ask Ray


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